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*** is one of the two websites for DR Investprop, Inc. (today dba DR Investment Prioperties Inc.), a Connecticut Real Estate Investment company specializing in Lease Purchasing (aka Lease with Option to Buy) and wholesale buying and selling of investment properties (see our other website, for more information). Whether you are a homeowner having trouble selling your house or are looking to purchase a home but have credit issues, WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU ! Here at, our mission is to HELP YOU SOLVE YOUR PROBLEMS ! ***




Tired of throwing money away every month on rent and not getting anywhere ?

Looking to buy a house but credit issues keep you from getting financing ?

A Rent-To-Own program can get you in that house and restore your credit ! Click on Rent-To-Own for more information. To set up a search for properties that suit your needs, click on My_Ideal_Home.


Are you trying to sell your house but its been taking too long ?

Are you afraid you won't get the price you're asking for the home ?

A Rent-To-Own program can help get your house sold quicker and for the price you're asking ! Click on Sell Your House for more information !